Alessandro Vianello, was born in Venice in 1969 where he lives and has his studio.

Photographer self-taught, he began his artistic career in 2009, inventing a personal and innovative pictorial language, in constant evolution, which adopts its own means of contemporary technology, other than those that have always belonged to the tradition. He uses one of his pictures as a preparatory sketch, what he calls "raw material." At free hand, with just a mouse and a computer, he molds every pixel of the image, because in his view the imperfections of handmade makes a work of art perfect. He creates a layer of fluid material, rendering the digital painting, amalgamable and unpredictable to be used to primer the monitor.

The tumultuous and gestural action of his unconventional technique, invades the digital canvas space Alessandro Vianello paints, millimeter by millimeter, with a really tiny set of brushes and bristles virtual sensitive to pressure and angle. For a nuance of sign tract, he necessary amend size, consistency and density. He delves into matter to redefine the contours, surfaces, shadows, colors and even the perspective vision by creating a harmonious three-dimensionality and the illusion that the work seems "alive" and that "minds."

In his unique works, always in balance between attention to detail and high resolution, you can see similar technical choices to those of impressionism and realism through rapid pasty brush strokes and vivid, expressive color spots and changing the millimeter tonal scale, to impress painted an unexpected movement. For Vianello details mean a lot: you can really appreciate his genius just looking at his works so close you can touch them, but observing them closely through a magnifying glass. Moving away and admiring the set of strokes, you realize what makes his paintings so unique. A way of its own, that belongs to him, with the awareness of wanting to stir emotions looking at a different reality through his eyes. Over the years, he portrays landscapes and architecture, historical and luxury cars that add to his imagination.

His "insatiable" artistic research leads him to continuous experimentation and to constantly renew himself with analytical mind, exploring new forms of expression ahead of trends.

2015 testifies the achievement of a great technical and expressive maturity in the digital material on a canvas: the Venetian artist focuses his creativity on different expressive ways creating unusual and unique pieces that communicate considerable freedom of interpretation and celebrate the beauty.

2016 marked a profound change of the formal search for Vianello. In the new production is called a triple register: one is the attempt to give continuity to American hyper-realism and pop art, related to the experience of past generations. The other the recovery of formal elements that are part of a historical dimension of ' art linked to Impressionism, managing to mix the abstract with surrealism in a fusion of light and color-movement. He focuses on the meaning of matter, form, space, suspension and balance in contemporary culture. In particular, the Italian artist focuses on simple everyday objects intensifying and extolling the reality. An attempt to free abstraction from the constraints of the canvas to spread in space, working on the idea of the object suspended in surrealistic key bed, which still remains a hyperrealist sculpture where he imprisoned the creative and expressive energy that it contains, speaking with all its beauty through the digital brush strokes that occur casting and the use of colors that are often vivid and bright.

2017 is the year that marks the shift from two to three dimensions. He is now using two media, photography and sculpture to overcome the limit of aesthetic to produce a new dimension of abstraction in the wall sculpture. He plays with canvas and aluminium to give rise to heavy and jagged creases, creating profound dark and light effects.

Since 2018, he celebrates American mass-produced consumer products related to entertainment and references the Pop art roots of these works.
His interest has focused on vintage comics and magazines of the most enduring and recognizable characters of the twentieth century, keeping homesickness and feelings to them connecte. Combining mega-realistic photography techniques, he represents iconic symbols revisited in a contemporary key through the use of new colors and shapes.
His sculptural work focuses on expressing on canvas the maximum definition and depth that for him is the surface, the compressed and crushed matter folded by the artist's hand gives the work abstract forms that suggest movement and a sense of transformation that goes beyond the fragility of the paper objects that alludes to the passage of time.